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Welcome to Therapeutic Massage of Naples

Are you looking for the best Asian Massage Spa in the Naples Florida area? Therapeutic Massage of Naples specializes in Oriental massage and reflexology techniques. Our therapy techniques have been used for the ultimate experience in muscle therapy, stress relief and total relaxation of the mind and body for centuries.

Therapeutic Massage Naples Spa is conveniently located on US 41 in North Naples and we are open 7 days a week. See Map to our Naples location.

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Asian Massage Services

Thai Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Massage Therapy is a unique healing art that is a deep full body treatment. Your therapy session begins with the feet and progresses up to your head. Read more »

Traditional Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is our most popular among all the massage therapy’s here at our Oriental style Spa.

Swedish style therapy is a classic European technique that promotes overall relaxation through the gentle manipulation of the muscles…Read more »

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is therapeutic in a nature, as opposed to a relaxation massage therapy like the Swedish Massage. This therapy is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in deeper layers of the muscles…Read more »

Hot Stone Asian Massage

Enjoy a deep relaxation of a basalt Hot Stone Massage. The stones are heated in water and lubricated with essential oils and applied to your body for a soothing experience like none other…Read more »

Four Hands Massage

Double the massage benefits by doubling the Asian Massage therapists. A four hands massage is a unique therapy experience that utilizes two therapists working simultaneously on your body…Read more »

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage therapy ensures full blood circulation to the prostate in addition to helping to prevent swelling and inflammation in the body.

Furthermore abdominal massage therapy has also aided in other prostate issues…Read more »

Reflexology Hands

Hand Reflexology is a pressure point technique to trigger hand reflex areas that correspond to several organs of the body. While pressing and working with these pressure points…Read more »

Reflexology Feet

Reflexology Feet Therapy is based on the principle of using pressure points on the feet that are directly linked to a several vital organs of the body. With over 7,000 nerve endings…Read more »

Couples Massage

A Couples Massage session is a side-by-side massage designed to be shared with a significant other, friend or family members where you can enjoy some bonding time. In addtion many couples have enjoyed this experience for anniversaries, valentines day and other special events…Read more »

Body Scrubs & Detox

Our Body Scrubs are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation. Most of all it promotes the elimination of toxins, and strengthen the immune system…Read more »

Professional Oriental Massage Therapists

Why Choose Therapeutic Massage?

We are a full service Therapy Spa Center and all of our staff are fully trained Massage Therapists. And we are ready to accommodate your individual physical needs with a variety of massage therapies, body scrubs for skin exfoliation, Reflexology therapy and much more. You will find our Spa is a very relaxing environment designed to maximize your privacy and give you a time of pampering that you deserve.

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